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    Shipping Info

    There are (3) phases from the moment you placed your order.

    1- We get your order & there is 1-2 days to process it. Next we produce your hoodie FRESHLY. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks depending on our equipment & numbers of orders for the month. 

    2- Next we pack your package perfectly & double-check your order, this process takes 1-2 business day to verify the whole batch of orders (with yours included).

    3- Finally we let USPS or Canada Post deliver the package to you (depending on shipping option you chose), it can take 3-9 business days to it at your front door. You will also get your tracking number to track your order! 

    Finally you should receive your package & enjoy the hoodie! Hopefully you love it & take a few pictures on the gram & tag us @animewrldshop.

    P.S: We are trying our very best to ship them faster, so you might get them a little faster!

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